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Word Art Gifts...encouraging gifts from the heart!

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Word Art Gifts for Your Kids!

Encourage your child by giving these personalized word art gifts!

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So you want an affordable gift that encourages, catches your child's interest and will be cherished forever?

I can help image I have created several types of word art that encourages, inspires and motivates...these are the perfect gifts for you to give to your kids!

image title what is word art Word art is a special gift I have designed to encourage your kids. Each piece of artwork depicts something your child is interested in and contains motivational words to let them know how special they are.

image title who needs word art

Your kids do! They need to be surrounded by words of encouragement on a daily basis!

image title why

Because your kids desperately need positive encouragement! I think we can all agree that the negative influences bombarding our kids are often louder than the encouragement we are trying to give them. As a mom, I understand the daily struggle of fighting with those influences that threaten to rob our kids of their positive self image.

You don't know how often I've been tempted to throw out the t.v., computer, cell phones and even some of their friends! As much as I would like to, I can't remove all those influences. But, I can help empower you to inspire, encourage and motivate your kids.

image title how
With words...words have the power to heal, uplift, encourage or destroy. When your kids are surrounded by words of encouragement, they will thrive. They need to be reminded daily of who they are. They are important, loved, unique and special. That is exactly why I created Word Art Gifts. These are the perfect gifts to remind them over and over again of their true value and worth. And because they can hang it on their wall, the words are right there in front of them to see everyday, and it is also a gift kids can cherish for years to come. boy and girl with heart

As an artist, I wanted to create a gift that would make a difference...an impact...something with purpose. And as a Mom, I knew I wanted to create something for kids!

This gift idea has made a huge difference in my own family! My husband has been very instrumental in developing the idea as he is an encourager by nature and my kids have helped come up with many of the designs used in the artwork. As orders are going out everyday, we are very blessed to be able to touch your family and thank you for taking the time to enjoy our site and our gifts!

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