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How to Make a Scrapbook that is a Fabulous Gift!

how to make a scrapbook
Step by step instructions, ideas and tips to show you how to make a scrapbook that is quick, easy and a fabulous gift!

Do you want to make a scrapbook and preserve your photos in a creative way, but you don't have a lot of time or ideas?

Do you want to start scrapbooking, but feel overwhelmed with all your photos and don't know where to start?

The art of scrapbooking can be easy and fun and you can have creative results with just a few simple tips.

Follow these easy step by step instructions to teach you how to make a scrapbook:

1. Choose a Theme

The first thing you want to do is decide what type of scrapbook you want to make.

For example, do you want to make a school scrapbook, vacation scrapbook, wedding, baby, or graduation scrapbook? If you are giving the scrapbook as a gift, you will want to definitely decide this first!

For more ideas of themes, and scrapbooking gifts, click here.

2. Gather Scrapbooking Supplies

scrapbooking supplies When learning how to make a scrapbook, your next step is to gather the supplies you need, according to the theme you chose in step 1. After all, making a scrapbook can be easy if you have the right tools.

These supplies can be found at scrapbooking supply stores, craft stores, and even at large discount stores.

  • Scrapbook Album - If you want to learn how to make a scrapbook, you will need to have an album! You need to choose an album that already has blank pages in it, or an album that you can add pages to. There are a variety of sizes so you can have fun choosing, just make sure that the paper is acid free and lignen free. This is very important! You do not want acidic paper to ruin your photos.
  • Cutting Tools - You will need a sharp pair of scissors and a small paper cutter or paper trimmer(for straight cuts). These can be found at any store that sells scrapbooking supplies, and it also helps (but is not necessary) to have a corner rounder so you can round the corners of your photos.
  • Decorative Papers - These papers can also be found in any store that sells scrapbooking supplies. Sometimes you can buy them in packages or kits with matching stickers and embellishments. It is helpful to have a variety of plain colored paper as well as some with simple patterns. Try to gather a variety that fit many different themes, such as birthday, travel, and seasonal for example. Again, make sure these papers are acid free so they will not damage your photos.
  • Adhesive - When learning how to make a scrapbook, adhesive is not an "option", it is a "must". You have to have a way to "stick" photos and die-cuts to your pages. There are many types of adhesive, but my favorites are tape runners and photo splits. These are similar to double sided tape, but come in small or large pieces in order to fit different sizes of embellishments, paper and photos.
  • Embellishments - The easiest embellishments to add to scrapbook pages are stickers and die-cuts. There are so many to choose from, so my advice is to get a variety in different themes that fit the interests of your family or the pages that you want to begin scrapbooking.
  • Acid Free Fine Tip Marker - You will also need a marking pen to write notes, journaling, quotes or any other memorable information that you want to add to your page.

3. Organize Your Photos

scrapbooking supplies photos Organize your photos according to the theme you chose, and lay them out in the order you want them to appear in the scrapbook.

If you are like me, you have more photos than you will ever need. Look at the following photo tips, to help you decide which photos to use!

Photo Tips:
1. Choose quality photos, not photos that are blurry or hard to see.
2. Make several copies of your favorite photos. (In case you ruin one.)
3. Close up photos of faces should always be included on scrapbooking pages.

3. Crop and Trim Photos and Paper

making a scrapbook cropping
When learning how to make a scrapbook you want to focus on one page at a time!

Gather the photos and decorative papers you want to use for that page and start cropping photos. You need to crop or cut out the unnecessary things in your photos. You want the focus of your photos to be faces and not unwanted background images.

Use your paper trimmer or paper cutter to trim your photos. This will give you nice straight edges.

You may also want to use a corner rounder to round the corners of your photos.

An easy way to decorate any page is to cut your decorative paper a little larger than the photos you cut and adhere your photos to that paper. It gives your photos a matted look or gives each one a border. I usually use solid colors for this, but you can use patterned paper as well if it doesn't make your photo look too busy.

There are many other things you can do with the decorative papers, so feel free to experiment by cutting out shapes and tucking them behind photos, or come up with your own pattern.

When you have all your cropping done, you can add the photos and paper to your scrapbook album page, using your tape runner, photo splits or whatever adhesive you choose.

4. Add Quotes and Journaling

Our tips about how to make a scrapbook would not be complete without some advice about journaling.

Simply take a fine tip acid free marker to carefully write beneath your photos and other places on your page to document your memory.

For example, you may want to record the date, and the people in the photos. You may also want to write something off to the side of the page to express a special memory, thought, something funny that someone said, or maybe a scrapbooking quote.

If you need other quotes to add to your pages, follow these links:
Quotes about family
Quotes about fathers,
Quotes about mothers,
Quotes about children,

5. Add Embellishments

how to make a scrapbook sample page Making a scrapbook always involves some sort of embellishments such as die-cuts and stickers are great for enhancing your pages.

Limit these to a few per page, as you want the photos to always be the main focus. These can be placed strategically to add a little color and design to your pages.

Be Creative When Making a Scrapbook

Now you have learned how to make a scrapbook, page by page and step by step! Now you won't want to stop! Don't be afraid to be creative.

You can add so many things to scrapbook pages. You can always use memorabilia such as movie tickets, special cards, event programs, travel brochures, etc. You can also add other types of embellishments such as ribbon, buttons, string, brads, eyelets, glitter, etc. Just remember to keep your pages simple and let your personality come through.

See, it is easy to learn how to make a scrapbook!

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Blessed are the children of scrapbookers, for they shall inherit the scrapbooks.
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